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Pupil & Sport Premium

Pupil Premium

At Minerva Primary Academy we believe in ALL children achieving of the best they can.

We can support them in the provision we provide. For us academic achievement is very important as this offers life chances- it opens doors to potential futures careers and a sustainable existence in our society. However, we very much also believe in the importance of giving children experiences that might be outside of their current life experiences. Both are ‘aspiration-linked’ in terms of widening opportunities and in enabling children to be able to access further possibilities in their futures.

Thus, we use our Pupil Premium funding in two main ways each with what we call both ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ outcomes where impact can be on achievement (‘hard’ outcomes) and self esteem and confidence (‘soft’ outcomes). Both types of outcomes have impact on children. We use it to support learning in terms of the provision of additional interventions and basic skills (Literacy and Numeracy) support, to give access to clubs and activities and to provide a wider range of learning experiences in different contexts. We also use it to fund additional pastoral support and care for our most vulnerable learners- an example of this is funding Play Therapy as a form of counselling so that children are in a happier place emotionally to be able to access learning opportunities. 

Pupil Premium Downloads

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Sports Premium

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