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Good attendance is really important for all pupils as it supports children;

  • to feel settled in school,
  • develop their social skills by forming positive relationships with peers and adults
  • To take part in ever lesson to learn new skills and knowledge and then have the chance to apply and secure this learning

It is our expectation that all children to have attendance as close to 100% as possible.  If a child has attendance below 90% this means they will have missed up to a month of learning and this is a serious concern. The chart below shows how attendance percentages relate to the number of days missed.

Attendance Ladder

How close is your child to reaching the top?

Impressive98%-> Up to 4 days of school missed
Good96%-> Up to 6 days of school missed
Nearly there95%-> Up to 9 days of school missed
Needs to improve94%-> Up to 11 days of school missed
Danger Zone90%-> Up to 1 month of school missed
Danger Zone80%-> Up to 2 months of school missed

What can families do to improve attendance?

  • Please book any non urgent medical appointments out of school hours or during school holidays.
  • Book family holidays for during the school holidays and NOT in term time.
  • Establish a bedtime routine so your child gets enough sleep and is well rested.
  • Get everything ready for school the night before: bags, lunches, water bottle, homework, reading books and school uniform.
  • Set an alarm and get up with enough time to eat breakfast, get dressed and travel to school for when the gate opens at 8:35am.
  • Parking can be tricky so leave extra time to find a safe place to park and walk to the school or avoid driving by walking, cycling or scooting.
  • Arriving on time will help your child to feel happy settled and ready to learn.
  • If you have any questions about attendance please speak to a member of staff or email [email protected]

What will MPA do to improve attendance?​

  • If your child is absent and we have not heard from you by 9:30am we will text and phone you to discuss the absence.​
  • We will inform you by text if your child’s attendance drops below 97% and if it continues to fall you will receive support.​
  • Class teachers will discuss attendance with families if attendance continues to fall.  They will share the impact this is having on your child’s social and emotional development, attainment and progress.​
  • We will monitor attendance weekly and invite parents and carers to meetings if attendance falls below 90%.  This will be a supportive meeting to put actions in place to help attendance improve.

What if your child misses school?

  • If your child misses school due to illness the teacher will record what learning they have missed and will endeavour to make sure that they ‘catch up’ with this lost learning so that they don’t have gaps which could hinder future learning.
  • If your child misses learning the class teacher will let you know what they have ‘missed’ so you can support your child to ‘catch up’.
  • We are unable to authorise absence during term time unless there is an exceptional reason. If an absence is for more than 4 school days the school can take legal action and request a penalty notice (£60 per parent, per child).
  • If you know there will be an absence during term time, we require at least 4 weeks notice to consider your request. Please speak to the admin team about how to make a request or email [email protected].

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