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1 to 1 Reading Workshop for Parents & Carers

At Minerva Primary Academy, we ensure that children’s life chances are maximised by developing a love oreading and literature in all children. We value reading as a key life skilled are dedicated to enabling our pupils to become lifelong readers.

Children learn to decipher the written code in texts of varying length and complexity; th1ey can take meaning from the texts that th1ey read; when they read it is with fluency, intonation and at an appropriate pace. Reading enables children to make more sense of the world around them, it broadens their knowledge, widens their vocabulary and ignites their imagination. In addition to this, we see that both fluency and enjoyment in reading are an integral part of a child’s academic progress and success. Reading gives children the power to develop themselves as an individual and as a part of society. We have carefully selected quality texts our children read, both within whole class reading lessons and as independent readers, as our school encourages the use of a wide range of exciting and interesting vocabulary to develop our children’s understanding and communication skills. The curriculum aims to provide reading opportunities (fiction and non-fiction) linked to state of being learning in all year groups.

1 to 1 reading workshop for parents/carers