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Academy Council

Governance within a multi-academy trust

Minerva Primary Academy is part of the Cabot Learning Federation, a multi-academy trust that is responsible for a number of academies across Bristol, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset, Gloucester and Somerset.  Governance for a multi-academy trust operates at two levels.  At trust level, there is a Board of Directors.  The directors are accountable to the Department for Education and external government agencies, including the Charity Commission, for the quality of the education the trust provides and the effective use of the associated academy funding. They are required to have systems in place through which they can assure themselves of quality, financial probity, safety and good practice. The Board is provided assurance on a number of these areas through various sub-committees, as shown in the diagram below. Visit the CLF website for more information about the board.

Academy Council

At a local level, each academy has an Academy Council comprising of up to 13 Academy Councillors.  Academy Councils are responsible for holding Principals and their leadership teams to account for the quality and effectiveness of the academic experience of the students under their care with the aim of securing effective school improvement.  They do this through monitoring performance against an annual academy improvement plan, through monitoring risks and responses to risks, and by overseeing systems and processes for the safeguarding of children and the health, safety and wellbeing of academy staff.

Minerva Primary Academy Council

Here are the names of our Academy Councillors at Minerva Primary Academy:

Chair of Academy Council

Bridget Suitters

Academy Council

I am the Chair of the Academy council and work closely with Principal. I have a passion and drive for all children receiving the best education. I am keen to ensure that learners achieve the best possible outcome for them and so key to that is to ensure the schools are held to account, to deliver an outstanding teaching and learning experience to ever child as well as ensure that this is maintained over time. My link roles include SEND and safeguarding.

Academy Council Members

Jennifer Harvey – Principal

Academy Council

I am proud to be the Principal of Minerva Primary Academy. Following 15 years as a classroom teacher and curriculum leader of English and maths, I moved into a senior role. I was part of the senior team that designed and oversaw the new build that opened in 2018. Our new school ensures children in our community have a purpose-built learning environment that supports achievement of great outcomes. I continue to be passionate about quality first teaching for all children.  Outside of school, I enjoy running several times a week and being part of the MPA chilled dippers, a group of colleagues who go cold water swimming.  

Jen Shaw – Student Advocate

I am the Vice Principal of Minerva Primary AcademyI was a classroom teacher for over 12 years and gained experience in leading a range of subjects before I became an Assistant Principal within the Cabot Learning Federation.  I joined Minerva as the Vice Principal in 2021. It is my belief that all children deserve the very best educational opportunities, and this can be realised through quality first teaching and excellent professional development for all staff. In particular, I have a passion for the teaching of reading as this is a lifelong skill and provides much joy.  Outside of school, I enjoy walking the family dog, baking and reading.

Claire Westbury – Support Staff Councillor

Academy Council

I joined the MPA team in May 2019 and work within the admin team. I am the Vice chair of the academy council and the link for support staff colleagues.  I am delighted to be the academy link councillor for the early years’ foundation stage. I believe every child deserves the best start at Minerva. I am also passionate about how we can ensure our positive relationships with families to support lifelong learning and great outcomes.  Outside of work I love crafting and walking the dog.

Sophie Print – Teacher Councillor

Kate Richardson – Executive Principal

I am one of the Executive Directors of Education working for Cabot Learning Federation. I support school improvement by working closely with the Principal, Vice Principal and staff team of each school. I have worked in education in Bristol for 8 years, having moved from London. 

Danielle Cohen – Sponsor Councillor

I am a parent at the school and hold the academy link councillor for EDI.

Mark Powell – Parent Councillor

I am the academy link councillor for curriculum. I come into school regularly to talk to subject lead about their subject.

James Sheppard – Sponsor Councillor

I am the academy link councillor for health and safety. I join the MPA team for regular committee meetings.

Alison Levinge – Sponsor Councillor

I am passionate about supporting and promoting mental wellbeing for children and adults. I am the academy link councillor for mental wellbeing.

Patricia Fry – LA Rep

For any enquiries regarding the Academy Council at Minerva Primary Academy please contact ​Sue Burns, Clerk to the Council – ​[email protected]

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CLF Delegated Authority Framework

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