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Parental Involvement

At Minerva we value the partnership and support of parents to provide a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment to encourage each child’s holistic development.

As we all know, parents are a child’s first teacher and parental involvement produces measurable gains in a child’s development. MPA values and respects the relationship between a parent and a child and welcomes parents as equal partners in their education journey.

We also hold regular celebration events and invite parents into school for workshops and to see their child learn in class every term (CLIC).

Also, if you have any talents or sills you can offer please contact the school. These could be: cooking, baking, crafts, technology (e.g. computer skills, animation), marital arts or fitness, traditional dancing… to name a few. We’d be grateful for even an hour of your time to pop in and work with our teachers and children.

Parent testimonial from google reviews and parent surveys

“I’m so happy with my children’s experience of this school. It is a really friendly happy environment, all the staff seem passionate, caring and make the learning fun. The new building is lovely and the outside space is great. The wrap around is affordable and flexible which makes life as a working parent so much easier. The school also offer a mix of free and discounted after school clubs which my son has loved. My children feel happy and safe here (Nov 2022).”

“I am very happy with Minerva Academy, and would recommend it to anyone. My daughter has been studying there for 4 years now. She is very happy there, and all her teachers have been fantastic – caring, positive, inspirational, charismatic. The school offers free sports after school clubs, which is fantastic. There are also after school paid clubs. My daughter attends the London Ballet Company which does lessons at the school and the price is reasonable. They also take the children to play outside in the big playground, which I know not all schools’ wrap around clubs do. My daughter loves the food they cook at Minerva. She always chooses the cooked meal, although they have a lot of great options like jacked potato with choices of toppings, and many others. The school is very international with children who have heritage from all over the world! This has been fantastic for my daughter, as she learns a lot about the world from her friends. The school building is brand new, the playground as well, and it is very spacious, with nice climbing frames and landscaping. They have the scrap store shed with lots of toys to use at lunch play time. They organise great school trips. This year my daughter had a Clifton suspension bridge school trip, last year they went to the Wild Place. They will be going to watch the Nutcracker at the Bristol Hippodrome this December at a very discounted, affordable price. Another thing I really like is that parents get invited to join children’s lessons every term. Those are fantastic opportunities to see the progress the children have made. I feel very lucky that my daughter goes to this school (Nov 2022).”